Bonjour, je signale ce site, Bitnomics Support <support@bitnomics.

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ven. 3 juin à 11:42

Hi Mackham,

Thank you for your email!
We share the sentiment regarding the fact that you became a victim of some kind of nefarious action.
If you wish to proceed to deactivating your account with Bitnomics, please, confirm it, answering this email.

Awaiting your reply,

​Customers Support
On Wed, 1 Jun at 3:27 PM , MACKHAM MANDENGE wrote:
Answer to Periodic Updation of Know Your Customer (KYC) documents
Thieves and scammers, why are you sending me your cursed messages, you will end badly, and your children are siburons for your acts of theft, do not send me your messages anymore your site is already reported, as you have just changed, we signal to everyone not to trust you, because you are scammers, damn

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je signale ce site Bitnomics Support , car avant c’était Quantrix capital, il m’avait escroqué 800 euros il y a 4 mois, maintenant qu’il a vu qu’il a été signaler, il vient de changer et il commence a envoyé des messages avec une autre adresse s’il vous plaît avertissez les de ces arnaques. merci

Arnaque signalée par Mackham
Date de signalement : 3 juin 2022 à 17 h 49 min