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Date: 27/01/2020 à 23h54

J’ai reçu précisément le même message, après avoir publié une annonce sur kijiji. Le message kijiji que j’ai reçu me ...

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Date: Mon, 13 Jan 2020 05:27:39 +0000 (UTC)
From: jatt marvel
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Subject: Greetings of peace,
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Greetings of peace,

With warm heart I offer my friendship, and my greetings to you in the name =
of our lord, and I hope this letter meets you in good time, I Propose with =
my free mind and as a person of integrity from God, I know that this messag=
e will appear as a surprise to you that we barely Know but the grace of God=
directed me to you and I wish you read this message and be blessed in name=
of the Lord.

I have a brain tumor; I suffer terribly at the moment. My doctor just infor=
med me that my days are numbered because of my health therefore condemned t=
o certain death.

Currently, I have exhausted all my savings for my medical care. But I do ha=
ve some funds for my charity project; these funds are deposited in a fixed =
deposit in a local bank here in Cote D'Ivoire West Africa. Purposed for cha=
ritable foundation, my marital status is such that I'm single because I los=
t my Husband over 9 years now and unfortunately we have not had a child tog=
ether, which I have no one to leave my legacy for. Therefore, to release my=
funds I would like to make a donation so that there is no stiff tax on my =

To this I would be so graceful and in order to help the poor to give what a=
mounts to said legacy worth Four Million Euros (=E2=82=AC4,000,000.00) to e=
nable you establish a charitable foundation in my memory so that the grace =
of God be with me until my last home so I can receive an honorable place wi=
th the Lord our father.
I have no fear because before contacted you, I have several nights prayed f=
or the Lord to give me the contact of a trusted person of whom I can entrus=
t this matter and I believe my contacts to you is divine.

Know that you can keep 30% of the money for yourself and the rest will be u=
sed to create a charitable foundation in my memory and a federation in the =
fight against cancer and also build orphanages.

I count on your goodwill and especially on the proper use of these funds ha=
ve something I do not doubt because I have great confidence in you that God=
may guide me toward you. My private E-mail: ( )

Awaiting your prompt reply, receive my cordial and fraternal greetings.

Yours Sincerely,
Mrs jatt marvel
Information arnaque Remarques de la personne ayant signalé l'arnaque74.6.130.42 usage d' un VPN Oath U.S.A.
deux adresses mail ??
la somme 4.000.000,00 Million ( toujours sans S ) Euros
30 % pour la personne le reste en fondation pour la charité, personne sois disant malade et à l' article de la mort banque de Cote d' Ivoire Afrique de l' est
cela est bien sûr une Arnaque bloquer, supprimer, et retourner à l' expéditeur voila la seule réponse possible
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